Driving with the engine light on.

15 Sep

One of the situations that’s always fascinated me, watching people with their horses, is the propensity for some people to apply effort to a situation that really needs a fix.

They school and school, or go out competing again and again, without actually changing anything. They pour effort (and money) into the situation, on the idea that working harder will solve the problem. They keep working, the horse keeps flashing the engine light! This, to me, this always seems like reacting to your engine light coming on by hitting the accelerator!

That is going to end badly!!

If you’re having a problem, pull over. Stop. Think. If you aren’t sure why you’re having a problem, find someone who does know and ask them to tell you how to fix it or, if that’s not possible, to fix it for you. You might even have to pay them. Do it! A little money spent applying the right fix is going to save you a lot of trouble, trauma and likely expense down the line.

Yes, effort is a necessary part of developing your horse and your riding. But going out every day and driving around with all your warning light flashing is NOT going to help if you’re not doing the right things.


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