Video Day Tuesday: A day at the 2013 KWPN Autumn Stallion Performance Testing

20 Nov

Great insight into a training environment few people in North America and the UK get to immerse themselves in.

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This video pretty much sums up a training environment I grew up in, trained and aspired to stay working in between 1995-2002 (minus state of the art surfaces, matching outfits for grooms and high calibre of horses).
It was a structured, fairly regimented horse life dealing mostly with stallions at a stallion depot/stud.

Ten years on there are not many things from that world that I aspire to. I respect the routine and attention to detail which I miss being surrounded with on everyday basis and would like to see more of it in general training and riding education (from lowest levels up). Overall though, I look at this training environment now and think: There MUST be a better, more equine nature friendly way to maintain young sports horses…

P.S. I wish they showed a little more of the lunging by the guy in between the no-gadget lunging…(about 4:16-4:20)…

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